Konstsamarbete mellan Portugal och Sverige.

6x6 City Glimpses - Earth, Air, Fire and the Sea

Six artists, six ways of looking upon the city

Anders Vardam, António Sales, Gunilla Vardam, João Paulo. Maria José Brito, Zélia Chaves

Promote the culture and the European identity is the major goal of these six artists who, although living in different geographical areas and now joined through an opening of borders, want to interpret the same topic with different cultural looks, but with the same intention, to show six different ways of feeling and understanding the world heritage and the city, through six artistic strands - sculpture, painting, design, photo, multimedia and installation.

The internationalization of this project of exhibition leads us to extend our "world feeling" consciously, giving voice to the diversity within the equality.

This project presented through artistic objects bi and tri-dimensional, built with various and even unexpected materials, aims to awake the main artistic potential that exists in each one of us, in a register that advocates the promotion of a culture of well-being.

It's starting from the senses, to explore the smells, the textures and the colors, the sounds and the sensations that surround the city - public spaces, people and the liaison with the river and the sea - that the six artists individually suggest a merger of responses that are reflected on us, like in a mirror.

"A arte consiste em fazer os outros sentir o que nós sentimos, em os libertar deles mesmos, propondo-lhes a nossa personalidade para especial libertação" (Fernando Pessoa)

"The art consists in making others feel what we feel, to freeing them from themselves, proposing them our personality for a special freedom".    

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