Hang playful flag games crosswise from wall to wall at the desired height in the room.

An effective way to create a good sound environment. The pennants in sound-absorbing

wool fabric are easily hung from the ceiling and can be pared for lighting, ventilation, etc.

The pennants are available in two sizes 700x500x2mm and 350x250x2mm. 

The wool fabric is available in many lovely colors and there is a maximum of four colors per order.


80% wool and 20% polyamide

Flame protection

EN 1021/ 1–2 BS 5852, crib 5 with FR finish DIN 4102, B2 with FR finish UNI VF 9175, class 1 IM Cal TB 117 NFPA 260, class 1 IMO 2010 FTP part 8 NF D 60-013 - AM


The pennants are strung on a thin steel wire that is mounted from wall to wall .